AGE 34

The morning. I get up. Quick shower, breakfast. First choice to make, which shoes to wear today? Air Jordan Red. Headset on. Kendrick Lamar? Jay-Z?
No, I need a real kick today - AC/DC, TNT.
I’m off to a meeting. Talks, a brainstorming session, another schedule ready.
I have a short break before the next meeting. A cup of coffee downtown.
Laptop = backache. Time to put something on my blog. Uff, I did it.
2 p.m. - another meeting. A phone call. The client cancelled. An hour off? Training.
I haven't planned on this, no sports clothes with me. Don't worry - there's Elektrownia. I call the guys, set the time and there I go. A 20 minute workout and I’m ready for the rest of the day. Elektrownia has made it to my agenda.  It’s as if we have been made for each other, a training to the full, just how I live my life.