Get rid of the pain or 3 ways to have a healthy and strong back!

Back pain is the illness of the 21st century.

A stubborn back pain hinders you in your normal life.
Know this feeling?
There is a good chance that you do!
Depending on the studies, it is estimated that from 70 to 80% of the population suffers from some form of a medical condition related to the lumbar section of the spine.

Where does it come from?

More and more often you hear about the so-called lifestyle diseases.
Sedentary lifestyle and worse and worse physical condition contribute adversely to the state of our backs.
It’s true. Now we spend sitting most of the time: office work, car driving, evening relaxation in front of the TV or computer.

Does it mean that in order to save your back, you will have to quit your job, leave the car in the garage and cut down on film evenings?
Luckily for you - no, it doesn’t!
We have prepared 3 tips for you, due to which you will forget about the pains in the lumbar section of your spine and you will enjoy a strong and healthy back!

Studio Elektrownia’s hints and tips:

1. Maintain a proper posture when sitting and walking.

By “proper” we mean a neutral spine posture, i.e. the best and healthiest position of the spine.
Despite the name, this posture is very simple.
Stand tall, sit or walk with your shoulder blades back and down, make sure the pelvis is right under your rib cage, and contract your abs and glutes lightly.
Try to remember to keep your body in this position as often as possible and always keep the posture right, no matter if you are at work, at home or in your car.

2. Build stronger abs and glutes.

As we have already established, you spend most of your time sitting and you are very familiar with the abdominal muscle workout mainly due to your favourite films starring Sylvester Stallone.
Your spine does not have a strong support from the muscles and the buttocks are stretched and relaxed, which makes it difficult to align the pelvis position correctly.
Change it!
Focus on the workout of these muscles.
Planks are the perfect exercises to start. Do a few sets of planks every day and you will build a strong and stable core!

3. Foam roll it!

If you don’t have a roller yet, well, it’s about time!
The simplest rollers can now be found at virtually any larger supermarket.
And you can form roll every day, even when you watch your favourite series or film.
Simply dedicate a few minutes every day to relax your tensed muscles and you will find relief really soon!

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