Who needs a trainer? I have the Internet!

Yes, it’s true. We live in times when all the answers to the questions that are concerning us can be easily found. Just Google it!

The fitness sector in the wide sense is an ideal example. Just a few clicks and you know that it would be better if you do FBW and not split, cardio must be replaced by HIIT and gluten is reason why the human race will disappear from the face of the Earth.

Even if you have the time and you want to spend hundreds of hours reading about the workout and watching YouTube films, a personal trainer may still prove to be a better choice for you. And here’s why:

3 reasons why it is better to work out with a personal trainer:

1. Technique and safety

Probably most of us know somebody who, sweating profusely in front of a computer monitor, tried to imitate the movements of Poland’s most popular female fitness instructor.
Maybe you also heard about knee problems the aspiring trainees experience later.

Why is that?
Unfortunately, to learn a movement pattern you need time and constant supervision.
If this were not the case, we would all be jujitsu champions just after a few hours spent in front of our computer.

And this is where a personal trainer comes in.
Not only will a good trainer teach you good movement patterns, but will also supervise your techniques and will help you avoid unnecessary injuries.

2. Finding the right diet and training plan. Control of effects.

So you have set your training objective.
What now?
Google: Mass gaining workout.
-6-12 reps in 3 sets, 2 minute break in between the sets, rice, chicken, creatine.
No, not really. It’s a little bit more complex than that.
Of course, you can download a one-fits-all training plan from the Internet, start your workout and pray for results.

But you can also talk to your trainer. The trainer will conduct an interview with you, check your physical condition and ask about your training objectives and only then will he prepare an appropriate and custom-tailored nutrition and training plan for you.
Moreover, he will constantly see over your progress, modifying the training and the diet as appropriate, in order to guarantee that you will succeed.

3. Motivation.

The Internet can come in very handy here too - because if there’s any profession that’s more ubiquitous in the worldwide web than personal trainers, it’s definitely that of life coaches.

OK, so there you go... nicely motivated you start your training. But wait.... things may get nasty here … you can listen to a motivational speech of some John Doe on your smart phone, but why risk all the embarrassment in the world when, after the headset gets accidentally disconnected during your exercises, all the people in the gym will hear that YOU are the winner and YOU are the diamond!

It’s always safer to ask your trainer for help.
The trainer will motivate you to give your best at each session, will really scold you, if necessary, and maybe even pat you on the shoulder once or twice and say a few kind words when you begin to doubt if it all makes any sense at all.

The trainer is also your warden overseeing that you are systematic in your efforts, just try and call him to tell him that you are taking a day off because you don’t feel like it today, and you’ll see that the above-mentioned gluten will cease to be your biggest problem.

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