Ola's story - motivation, training, success!

Ola has always been slim.
After two babies, she gained weight dramatically and her figure changed in not quite the way she would have waned it.
The worst thing was that the deterioration in her physical form prevented Ola enjoying maternity to the full.

Wishing to regain her pre-pregnancy form, Ola has tried virtually everything: draconian diets, regular workout at the gym, group classes at fitness clubs.
Sadly, to no avail.
Whenever the weight dropped a bit, just a few moments later it would return to the starting point.
And moreover, the girls were more and more time consuming so that it was really difficult to combine being a full-time mother with training sessions. And her maternity leave was about to come to an end and Ola would have to return to work.

Despite previous failures, Ola came to us highly motivated.
We quickly set an individual training plan with a nutritional strategy and began to work.
Ola never missed a single workout session planned, never complained and always worked to the full. This attitude gave excellent results and you can see it at first glance.

For us, however, the most important thing is how much her physical fitness and well-being improved. Ola has now a lot of energy to play with her kids.

Here are Ola’s measurements after 2 months of regular sessions with us:

waist size reduced by 13 cm;
gluteal muscle size reduced by 15 cm;
thigh circumference reduced by 7 cm;
upper arm circumference reduced by 5 cm;

And it’s only the beginning. Congratulations, Ola! Keep on!