We tell stories.  Stories of our clients. 

We look at them and we watch them unfold.
Our presence helps events to gain their momentum and sets them on the right track.
We ensure that the protagonist reaches a happy ending and has achieved his or her goal.

We are the narrator. And in a moment, we will create a masterpiece, we will tell your story.
For you are our main protagonist.
And it is for you that we have prepared a unique setting.

It is a place where you will be able to focus entirely on yourself , your needs and your goals.
A place, where you will feel comfortable, relaxed and at home.
A place, where we will take good care of your health and well-being and where our groovy interior will inspire your instinctive creativity.
Yes, it is you we had in mind when we established Elektrownia- the EMS personal training studio.

Action time?  NOW!  One role that will change your life forever.

It is not literary fiction, it is happening right now.

Let's write the story of your success together!

EMS Training

Electrical muscle stimulation, what is it, actually?

Imagine yourself dressed in a black suit straight from a sci-fi movie.
Before you is an EMS console, a state-of-the-art technical solution for working out, the best thing the fitness market can now offer.

The last moment before the training. You look at your reflection in the mirror and you know instantly that you have become a part of something exceptional.

You know that you are exceptional.


You feel impulses pass through your body; your muscles begin to contract. You do simple exercises. Drops of sweat appear on your forehead. It is a sign that the calories are burning. You know you are achieving your goal.

You look at your trainer. He is right there next to you. All the time. He motivates you and monitors your form of exercises. Each training is designed specifically for you and your capabilities.



The training has taken only 20 minutes. As you are taking off your special training suit you feel that your body is tensed and your muscles are taut. You have a feeling of overwhelming happiness. You know you have done something for yourself. You cannot wait for your next training session. Book your training sessions right now!

Electrical stimulation

The EMS training consists in muscle stimulation using electric impulses.
The impulses reach the muscles directly, thus increasing their action potential. In consequence, you train better than ever!

Personal training

The EMS workout takes place under the supervision of a qualified trainer who will teach you correct movement patterns and will adjust the training to your needs!


The EMS workout takes only 20 minutes but since it activates as many as 10 main muscle groups at the same time, it is much more effective than the classical forms of physical activity!

Lose weight

During the EMS workout you activate all the main muscle groups simultaneously and, consequently, your calorific expenditure is very high. Additionally, the electric stimulation during the workout activates your metabolism, making you burn calories even a few hours after your training session has ended!

Healthy back

The EMS workout is a great way to reinforce your deep muscles. After only a few sessions, your core stability is improved and your backaches are gone once and for all!


During the EMS workout you do not use any external loads and the training intensiveness is selected on an individual basis by regulating the impulse charge. So the workout is absolutely safe for your joints!


The EMS workout is totally safe. Electrical stimulation has been successfully used in physical therapy for many years. And now, due to the Miha Bodytec machine, you can use electric impulses in your sports workout, too!

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